Friday, March 27, 2015

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 192


Welcome back to the Farngirl Friday Blog Hop! 
Have you met Paula from At Home With Us Blog?
She's been hopping with us from day one. Last week she shared some of her beautiful crochet handwork. 

She has a merino/cashmere blend shawl for sale. It’s a beautiful crescent/heart shape that clings well around the shoulders.

 Just look at the pretty detailing. The colors are so soft and springlike too. It would be perfect for this years floral print summer dresses don't you think?

She's asking $50.00 for it which I think is a steal for all the time it must have taken her to create it.
If only I could sit still for that long!

Easter and Mothers Day are just around the corner! 


My Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Order arrived last week! Yahoo!
 Head on over to the BEACH Farmgirl Blog for a full garden update.

Did you miss Debbie ( Farmgirl Unleashed ) last week? She was off enjoying some treasured time with her grandson and she's at a retreat this weekend but she'll be back next Friday. She misses you and says howdy!

Time to get your farmgirl on! Thank you all so much for coming by our little ole hop each week! 
Have a great FARMGIRL weekend! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Branches in Bloom

I'm so looking forward to the first  blossoms of spring this year and I bet some of my northeast friends are too!  As I was looking back at some photos this morning I came across these images of some dogwood tree and white lilac blooms my hubby brought home from his mom's garden for me to play with a couple springs ago.

I love to use branches in bloom to make simple no-fuss arrangements to place around the house.
Don't be afraid to get out there and snip some branches for yourself. They don't last that long outside so go ahead and cut a few branches to bring inside before they are in full flower to force. You'll get a good week, week and a half of beautiful spring blooms to enjoy inside.

For shorter, smaller bouquets simply cut the stems so that the flowers will just come above the top of the vase by a few inches or so. Don't try to make it look too perfect. They aren't that way on the trees so why force them to behave in a vase? This goes for larger arrangements like the one below too. 
I find lilac cuttings to be a little less unruly to work with than the dogwood branches so  place them in the pitcher first to provide stability. Then you can just tuck in the dogwood branches like 'bookends' to frame the lilacs. 

Aren't they gorgeous? 

What are some of your favorite branches in bloom? Do you bring them inside to enjoy? Just about anything that flowers can go in a vase so be creative and have fun bringing in spring! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 191 and HAPPY SPRING

What could be more fun than rounding up your best farmgirl pals into one place and swapping stories, sharing recipes, homesteading tips, gardening and homemaking wisdom, successes and failures, and fun giveaways? 
   Why, it must be Farmgirl Friday! And, the first day of Spring to boot!
Wanna hear something funny? It's snowing... Yep! I can't even...

Let's get hopping shall we. I'm sure spring is visiting some of you and I aim to find it! 
How did you celebrate the first day of Spring? 
I ate chocolate...

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